Wednesday, 25 May 2011

I'm Just A Farmer, Plain and Simple

One of the great things about farming with my grandparents is getting to live in the same yard as them, allowing for many visits.  

My father and grandfather are spoiled by my grandma, she cooks them delicious home cooked meal every single day for lunch.  Luckily for me, whenever I am home for lunch on a weekday I get to go and enjoy Grandma's cooking.  Farming with my grandparents gave me the opportunity to spend countless hours with them growing up and still now.  

The other night I went over to Grandma's house to feed the dogs and stopped in for what I thought would be a quick visit.  Three hours later my grandpa came in from the field and I realized it was already 10:30!  

The visit was awesome, and my grandma shared a bunch of stories with me.  She also shared a clip that she had cut from the newspaper and I thought it was the best way to sum up my father and grandfather, so I wanted to share, I figure it is perfect for an agricultural blog, it sums up a farmer, plain and simple! Enjoy!

I'm Just a Farmer, Plain and Simple
(excerpts from I'm Just a Farmer, Plain and Simple by Bobby Collier)

I'm just a farmer, plain and simple.
Not of royal birth, 
but rather a worker of the earth.
I know not of riches, 
but rather of patches on my britches.

I know of drought and rain, 
of pleasure and pain. 
I know the good, the bad, 
the happy and the sad.

I'm a man of emotions,
a man who loves this land
and the beauty of it's sand.

I know the spring's fresh flow
and autumn's golden glow.
Of a newborn calf's hesitation
and an eagle's destination. 

I know of tall pines
and long waiting lines.
I know the warmth of campfires
and the agony of flat tires.

I'm a man who loves his job
and the life that I live.
I know of planting corn and bailing hay
and animals going astray.

I live in a complex world but my faith guides me,

I'm a farmer, plain and simple.

This poem pretty much completely sums up any farmer that I know, especially my grandfather.  
Farmer's love their land, their animals, and the people in their lives, plain and simple. 

Have a great night, off to lacrosse I go!


  1. Great Job sam!! I really like the pictures you put up. Also you're cows!!! You did a great job on the poem, I enjoyed getting an insight into farm life

  2. Thanks! I think the cows are pretty great too! Although I can't take credit for the poem, I didn't write it, but author Bobby Collier sure summed it up great!