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Carnivorous Cravings

We've all had them at some point in our life, yes, even the vegetarians and vegans in this world, at some point you also have craved the deliciousness that comes with a juicy steak.  We've all had those carnivorous cravings.

This past weekend was my birthday weekend.  A fabulous weekend shared with friends and family.  I wrote my Physiology exam on Friday, and then it was time to enjoy the weekend.  Friday night, I celebrated with a few friends from the city.  I had to be up early Saturday so I could make it from Edmonton to Calgary for my Lacrosse game.  Unfortunately, because of my bad burn, I was still unable to play!

Saturday after the game my team went out in Calgary to celebrate my birthday.  It was then that I had one of those carnivorous cravings!
Before we had even sat down, I knew what I wanted.  Steak sandwich, medium rare.
The chef delivered me a steak that was delightful, grilled to perfection.  But just not as good as a home raised steak!

Sunday brought more lacrosse. The team traveled to Sherwood park for a game.  It was an early game being Father's Day, and after the game my family headed to my Opa and Oma's house for a quick visit with my dad's side of the family.  After this, my mom's side of the family came over to have supper and some birthday cake.
Once again there were some carnivorous cravings and the family enjoyed some homegrown beef.

This weekend I got a pretty awesome birthday surprise! If you have been keeping up with my blog you will know that all I wanted for my birthday was a kitten!
I got my wish.  Good friends of mine, Eryca and Justin and their family got me two little babies!
Super sweet, super crazy, ad super wild.  Oliver sleeps with his mouth open, and Otis suckles on his own fur to comfort himself when he goes to sleep.  Not your ordinary carnivore kittens!

But back to the main point!

Alberta Beef on your plate is probably one of the best ways to solve any carnivorous cravings that you might have.

Canadian Beef Brand PromiseMcDonalds, Quiznos, and Jack Astors restaurants would also agree.
All three of these restaurants support the Canadian Beef Brand.
From November 2009 to January 2010, Quiznos ran a feature sandwich called the Triple Cheese and Roast beef.  If you had ever tried it, it was awesome.  What made it even better was that the Beef Information Center (BIC) made sure that the meat was 100% Canadian Beef.  This sandwich was sold in 456 places across Canada, what better a way to ensure that Canadian's are getting the best beef possible.

McDonalds is one of the largest supporters of Canadian Beef.  Throughout Canada, McDonald's serves approximately 2.5 million customers every day.  This means that they are using more than 64 ,million pounds of locally raised, Canadian Beef, every year.  McDonald's Canada uses 100% Canadian beef for all of the burger offerings (BIC).
For more information on McDonald's supporting Canadian Beef check out these facts:

And it doesn't stop there.  The Canadian Beef brand has 110 industry partners, and 56 brand license agreements with retail, foodservice and processing operations.  Some of these partners include: XL Fine Foods; Costco Canada; Canada Safeway; McDonald's; Boston Pizza; Panago Pizza; Sobeys in Ontario, Quebec and the Maritimes; abc Family Restaurants and T&T Supermarkets.  These are all big supporters of Canadian Beef.  I know for sure which stores I will be supporting!
Canadian beef is packed with 14 essential nutrients.  It is yummy and good for you!

  1. Protein - used to fight infection, build muscles, growth
  2. Phosphorous - builds and maintains strong bones and teeth
  3. Zinc - helps build the immune system
  4. Iron- brain devbelopment in babies and children.  Iron in beef is absorbed more readily than from plant sources
  5. Pantothenate - helps energize the body 
  6. Thiamin - helps with appetite and normal growth! Energy!
  7. Vitamin B6 - assists protein building and immune system
  8. Vitamin B12 - helps all the cells in muscle, brain and nervous system.  Found naturally only in animal foods!
  9. Niacin - essential for nervous system and energy
  10. Magnesium - contributes to health of bones and teeth
  11. Vitamin D - maximizes calcium and phospohrus absorption.  Found in Canadian beef is more potent than in plant sources
  12. Potassium - maintain healthy blood pressure, prevents bones from losing calcium
  13. Riboflavin - helps energize body
  14. Selenium- anti-oxidant

Many of you have probably heard of the Heart and Stroke Foundation's Health Check Program.  What you likely didn't know is that there are eight cuts of Canadian Beef that qualify for this program!  That's right! Eight different ways that you can surrender to your carnivorous cravings, while still staying in the Health Check Program!

Lean Beef Choices
(100 grams raw meat)
Eye of Round5
Inside Round5
Sirloin Tip5
Top Sirloin6
Strip Loin8
Cross Rib9
Outside Round9
Extra Lean Ground Sirloin or Round10
Extra Lean Ground Beef10
Lean Ground Sirloin, Round or Chuck15
Lean Ground Beef15


The Canadian Beef Information Center offers a really cool way to see just what the nutritional value of
Virtual Beef Counter
This website is awesome! It is so easy to see just what you are getting from your beef! As you can see above, when I scrolled over the "Roasts" tab, a drop down list pops up with a list of different types of roasts.  This allows you to choose which kind of roast you will be cooking.  In the example above, I had clicked on the "Steaks" tab, and then chose the "Blade Steak".  This made a small nutritional report come up, as shown.  This allows you to compare different cuts of beef, cooked and raw, to see just how the nutritional values compare.  Pretty great.  Just shows you how much the Canadian Beef Industry really care about our consumers!
Of course, these values will vary depending on how well the meat is cooked, and how much of the fat is trimmed, as well, it will vary from animal to animal, but this gives you a pretty accurate average!

Canadian Beef Merchandising Guide  - This has everything you need to know on cuts of beef!

How does lean beef compare??

Lean beef vs. Chicken
To chicken
Lean beef vs. Fish
To Fish 

Fact: When you see something say "lean only" it means that the beef has been trimmed of any visible fat and only includes marbling and muscle tissue.

Fact:  The nutritional value of Canadian Beef and American Beef differ due to the differences in production!

Fact:  Ground Beef that is drained and rinsed after it is cooked with hot water, will have reduced fat content!

Fact: One of the main saturated fats in lean Canadian beef is Stearic acid.  An issue with saturated fats is that they often have an affect on cholesterol levels.  Not Stearic acid, it has little effect!

Fact: Grass fed beef and grain fed beef both contain 14 essential nutrients.  Studies have shown that grass fed beef has elevated levels of Omega 3 fatty acids and conjugated linoleic acid, but it is undetermined whether these increased levels are high enough for health benefits! Therefore, all beef is good beef!

Fact:  Beef is made mainly of water and protein.  Of course there are smaller amounts of fat, vitamins and minerals.  The proteins are the main nutrient in beef! Proteins help us fight infections, grow, and build muscles. Proteins = muscles, muscles = strength.  Muscles and strength attract the babes! Who doesn't want to eat Canadian Beef!

Fact:  Beef is graded Prime (best), AAA, AA and A.  The higher the grade, the more marbling in the meat.  It is the marbling that gives the flavor to the beef, makes it the most tender and juicy! The majority of Canada's beef is AAA.

Fact: Beef is aged by processors for 3 to 21 days at a controlled temp and humidity.  This allows the fibres to relax, making our meat more tender with stronger flavor!

Fact:  The color of the meat is not a good way to indicate freshness.  A change in color could be due to anything from a stressed calf to a difference in packaging

So.  Now that you know just how fantastic Canadian beef is, I'm sure you're having some carnivorous cravings.  So what will you cook for diner??

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